Statutory Rape

Cases involving Statutory Rape claims are often multi-dimensional. There are often numerous people involved, including the accused, the alleged victim and the parents of the alleged victim. Sometimes these cases involve boyfriends and girlfriends. Other times there may be confusion about the alleged victim’s age. The defense of these cases requires immediate and thorough investigation of all facts and circumstances.

If you have been charged with Statutory Rape, you need a skilled criminal defender to protect your rights. You need a lawyer who focuses specifically on criminal cases and one who has extensive experience with sex crimes.

Were You Accused Of Having Sex With An Underage Individual?

Individuals in Chester County and many other counties throughout Pennsylvania have relied on attorney Robert Donatoni for many years. In addition to decades of criminal defense practice, Mr. Donatoni is also a former Assistant District Attorney, so he knows how the opposition will plan its cases. He also knows how to question and what defense tactics are best suited for individual circumstances.

As your legal counsel, Mr. Donatoni and his associate will leave no stone unturned when looking for evidence to clear your name. When dropped charges are simply not an option, the lawyers will advise on best possible roads to resolution, whether that is to fight for reduced charges, reduced penalties or alternative sentencing arrangements.

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Regardless of the circumstances in your case, if you are convicted of having sex with a minor, you will need to register as a sexual offender. This can have serious implications on your life well into the future. Don’t risk it. Contact the West Chester statutory rape lawyers at Donatoni & Crichton today at 610-719-0500 or send us an email at

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