Sexual Misconduct

If you have been charged with sexual misconduct, you are likely facing a range of emotions: embarrassment over the charge, anxiety about your future, and confusion regarding the law and your rights. At this time, it is important to obtain a skilled criminal defender in this area. With proper legal representation, it is much easier to understand your position and options for a favorable outcome.

Are You Facing Sexual Misconduct Charges In Pennsylvania?

Mr. Robert Donatoni has been practicing law for more than 37 years. He only focuses on criminal defense and has successfully handled a range of sex crime charges for his clients. Many charges of sexual misconduct are the result of innocent mistakes or one-time poor decisions. It can be difficult for these clients to face charges as they are not career criminals who pose a threat to society. The law firm understands these concerns and works diligently to find resolutions that its clients can live with and also work with the client to understand the process.

Types of sexual misconduct charges the firm handles include incidents involving:

  • Streaking
  • Skinny-dipping
  • Indecent exposure
  • Flashing
  • Groping
  • Having sex in public

Prior to being charged, or after you have been charged you are encouraged to contact Mr. Donatoni’s law firm as soon as possible. The attorneys will begin working on your defense immediately and will help you understand the best way forward.

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