Sex Crimes

Facing charges for an alleged sexual offense is very difficult for the accused. Unfortunately, it seems prosecutors and society label these individuals as guilty until proven innocent. There is also a lot at stake in these cases. If convicted, you may face jail or prison time, and will be required to register as a sexual offender. This can cause a lifetime of problems for you and your family.

You Deserve A Fair Defense

Fortunately, there is hope. Donatoni & Crichton provides highest caliber criminal defense for those accused of sexual crimes in Pennsylvania. Mr. Donatoni is an experienced criminal defender with more than 37 years of legal experience. He is also a former Assistant District Attorney, so he understands the opposition and what the best approach is for each individual case.

The Chester County law firm handles a wide range of sex crimes and related issues, including:

When you work with the law firm, they are not there to judge. The attorneys are there to provide respectful representation and an aggressive defense. The firm’s first goal is always to listed to you, find the areas of vulnerability in the prosecution’s case and fight for the best possible outcome. The law firm is skilled in obtaining favorable pleas, and presenting an extremely realistic defense of your rights at trial. Mr. Donatoni has been involved in more than 100 jury trials in his career with an outstanding record.

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