Homicide or Murder is the single most severe crime an individual can be charged with. At minimum, a conviction of any crime involving the loss of life, including manslaughter, may result in a lengthy prison sentence, up to life in prison. With these potentially dire consequences on the line, it is critically important for a person accused of Murder or Manslaughter to hire a defense attorney with substantial experience in this area of defending these most serious charges.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Manslaughter Defense Attorneys

Donatoni & Crichton is led by a skilled criminal defense attorney with more than 37 years of experience. The firm is committed to providing clients with the highest quality of legal services. Mr. Donatoni has an extensive track record of defending clients accused of Murder and Manslaughter in Pennsylvania, including complex cases involving multiple defendants.

Law enforcement and prosecutors have vast resources to use when investigating and prosecuting these cases. They will devote substantial resources to building their case against the accused. As a law firm that is recognized and respected among its clients and the legal community, Donatoni & Crichton is able to make a powerful defense on behalf of clients facing even the most serious charges. The firm frequently receives referrals from past clients, other attorneys and others in the legal community.

The firm’s lawyers have mastered the art of crafting a strong Murder defense strategy. A person accused of Murder or Manslaughter should trust that his or her attorney will guide him or her to the best possible outcome whether through pursuing an acquittal at trial or a non-trial disposition.

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