Internet Sex Crimes

Today, people use the Internet for everything from research to socializing, sharing photos and dating. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that with the click of a mouse, simply opening a file can result in serious criminal charges. Even deleted files can be recovered from a computer’s hard drive and result in life-changing consequences.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Internet Pornography Defense Attorneys

Donatoni & Crichton vigorously defends clients accused of serious Internet Sex Crimes. The firm’s criminal defense attorneys are very familiar with Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system and are adept at defending various charges related to the Internet, including Possession of Child Pornography and Distribution of Child Pornography.

Both adults and juveniles can find themselves in trouble for Internet Sex Crimes. With the advent of smartphones, people are sharing photos now more than ever. “Sexting” is a common phrase used to describe sending pornographic images through cellphones. When a person under the age of 18 is photographed, even with consent and even if the person taking the photograph did not know that the person was a minor, the acts of taking the photo and sending it to another person are illegal.

The attorneys at Donatoni & Crichton understand the devastating consequences that can result from conviction of any type of Sex Crime. Contact the firm to avoid prison, the loss of your rights and sex offender registration.

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