Internet Drug Crimes

Internet Drug Crimes Can Be A Federal Offense

Over the years, the Internet has become an increasingly popular place to buy and sell illegal drugs, from marijuana to prescription drugs. Some people who engage in this activity do so for recreational drug use. Prosecutors are also looking for those individuals using the Internet as a way to distribute drugs.

If you are being accused of selling or buying drugs online, it is vital to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer at once. Without solid legal representation, you could face jail time and a range of long-term consequences.

Accused Of Selling Or Buying Drugs Online?

People accused of crimes in Pennsylvania have been calling upon Donatoni & Crichton for a long time. Mr. Donatoni has been practicing law for more than 37 years and is highly respected in the community for his aggressive criminal defense. He is ready to help clients address a range of Internet drug charges, including:

  • Selling drugs online
  • Internet drug distribution
  • Internet drug trafficking
  • Purchasing drugs online
  • Sending/receiving illegal drugs through the mail

College Students And Internet Drug Crimes

At Donatoni & Crichton many individuals accused of Internet Drug Crimes are local-area college students. Many are selling drugs online to make a bit of extra cash while at school. Others have drugs, like marijuana, mailed to their dorms. Some have been wrongfully mixed up in an Internet drug bust. Regardless of your position, Mr. Donatoni and his firm can help with your college student criminal case.

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