Grand Jury Investigations

Every day, people are subpoenaed to appear in front of a Grand Jury to provide testimony. This can be a vary complicated area in which the early protection of your rights can be essential. Those involved with being subpoenaed or otherwise involved in Grand Jury Proceedings should obtain competent and experienced defense counsel immediately. The prosecution hopes to use this testimony as evidence to indict someone accused of a crime. If you have received a Grand Jury subpoena, you may not know what to expect or how to proceed. The attorneys at Donatoni & Crichton represent and assist people who are required to appear in front of a Grand Jury. With extensive experience in this unique area of criminal law, the firm offers a vast amount of knowledge and skill to its clients.

Pennsylvania Grand Jury Attorneys

Donatoni & Crichton regularly represents individuals and entities subpoenaed to appear before Federal, State and Local Grand Juries. This is a complicated area of the law and requires experienced lawyers to help guide people through the complexities.

Many people do not realize that they need outside counsel and can have a lawyer accompany them to the Grand Jury proceeding.

For trusted legal advice regarding a Grand Jury investigation, call the attorneys at Donatoni & Crichton in West Chester at 610-719-0500 or email the firm to arrange for a consultation. Our attorneys represent individuals in Grand Jury investigations in West Chester, Chester County, Montgomery County, all of Southeastern Pennsylvania and throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.