Embezzlement is a form of theft. An allegation involving Embezzlement can quickly jeopardize a person’s career, reputation and freedom. Early advice and guidance from a seasoned White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer can mean the difference between an acquittal and years in prison.

The attorneys at Donatoni & Crichton in Pennsylvania put decades of experience to work for clients, fighting to protect their rights and to obtain the most favorable outcome. As a client of the firm, you will have a top criminal defense attorney analyzing your case, identifying your options and advising you on the best way to minimize the consequences of your charge.

Defense For Those Accused Of Stealing Money In Southeastern Pennsylvania

Embezzlement typically involves Theft by taking or withholding property without the owner’s consent. In order for the prosecution to prove that Embezzlement occurred, it must show that the accused person intended to permanently deprive the owner of the money or property. An experienced defense attorney understands how to build a winning defense, carefully examining all available evidence and determining how to use it to his or her client’s advantage.

Recognized and respected among the legal community, Donatoni & Crichton is able to make a powerful defense on behalf of clients facing even the most serious White Collar Criminal Charges, including Federal charges. The firm frequently receives referrals from past clients and others in the legal community.

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