College Student Crimes

Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving Students At West Chester University

As a young college student, it can be extremely frightening to be accused of a crime. A false allegation or a one-time mistake can cause problems well into your future. Depending on the offense, if convinced, you can face expulsion from school, loss of tuition refund, heavy fines, probation, jail time and a permanent record.

If you are a college student at West Chester University and have been charged with a crime, don’t risk your future. If you are a parent whose son or daughter has been charged with a crime, help your child get the solid criminal defense he or she needs.

Protecting The Futures Of College Students After Criminal Charges Are Filed

Donatoni & Crichton is an established criminal defense law firm in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Mr. Donatoni has more than 35 years of legal experience and only focuses on criminal law. He has helped many West Chester University students address a range of criminal charges, including:

Many college students in the area are not from West Chester or Pennsylvania. Being so far away from home can make it even more intimidating to face criminal charges. Mr. Donatoni is highly respected in the local community and has won numerous awards for his legal advocacy and defense representation. He provides students (and out-of-state parents) with detailed information about the criminal charges, the strength of the prosecutor’s cases and best available options for resolving the matter.

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