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Four Pennsylvania doctors facing multiple drug charges

Drug crimes can range from relatively minor possession charges to major charges associated with drug rings. When an individual is charged with a drug crime, it is important for them to understand where it falls on this spectrum. The criminal consequences of a drug charge can be harsh, making it imperative to explore the criminal defense options available to the accused.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges

When a driver is signaled to pull over, he or she is likely thinking they will end up with a speeding ticket or a citation for a broken taillight. While this is a possibility, it is also possible that law enforcement is suspicious of other crimes going on. When a police officer believes that a driver is under the influence or smells marijuana, this could cause criminal charges to stem from a traffic stop.

Constructive possession in Pennsylvania

Possession of narcotics is against the law in Pennsylvania. One thing that many people do not realize, however, is that an individual could still face drug charges, even if they do not technically possess the controlled substance. If, for example, a person leaves heroin in someone else's car and the other person is subsequently stopped and the contraband is found by law enforcement officers, the car owner could ostensibly be charged with possession.

Explaining 'plain view' in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, if a law enforcement officer does not have a warrant, they will need what is known as "probable cause" before they are allowed to search or seize property or to search or arrest a person. In fact, to obtain a search or arrest warrant, an officer will need to offer probable cause and swear to it under oath. These protections against "unreasonable" searches and seizures are afforded citizens by both the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I, section 8 of the Constitution of Pennsylvania.

Drug possession charges have additional academic consequences

No college student heads off to school in the fall expecting to face drug charges, but it is a reality that many students end up confronting. In addition to the threat of criminal charges, schools have their own strict penalties, sometimes resulting in dismissal of a student with no refund of any tuition paid, for drug use or possession.

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