Thorough Defense Against White Collar Criminal Charges

White collar criminal charges can cost you more than your job. Fines, prison time and the loss of professional licenses are just some of the consequences of a conviction. It is essential that you contact an attorney who understands what it takes to defend against allegations of a white collar crime.

The attorneys at Donatoni & Crichton are prepared to represent individuals in West Chester, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas who are facing state and federal white collar criminal charges. We have developed a reputation as a skilled and trusted criminal defense firm. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality white collar defense that protects your rights throughout the legal process.

Experienced Trial Lawyers Working On Your Behalf

If you are facing white collar criminal charges, it is important to work with attorneys who are known to be highly skilled and aggressive litigators. For more than 40 years, our attorneys have litigated complex criminal cases in state and federal courts. We know what it takes to build a strong case and how to argue on behalf of our clients in front of judges and juries.

Prosecutors know that we are willing to go to trial if necessary. This reputation often allows us to negotiate favorable plea bargains for our clients. However, if it is in your best interests to go to court, we will take the necessary actions to pursue a favorable outcome to your case.

We are prepared to provide strong, comprehensive defense against the full spectrum of white collar charges, including:

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