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So much is at stake when you are being investigated or accused of a State or Federal criminal offense. Your future and freedom are at risk. For 37 years, Robert J. Donatoni has represented individuals and entities in a wide range of criminal investigations and criminal charges in both the State and Federal Courts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Based in Pennsylvania, Mr. Donatoni has a wealth of experience in these areas and a most highly regarded criminal defense attorney. Mr. Donatoni has been involved in many, many high profile cases and defenses. Also, Mr. Donatoni recognizes that it is the everyday man and women who most need a competent, aggressive and ethical criminal defense attorney. His primary emphasis is in providing the best representation in criminal investigations of individuals and entities in State and Federal Courts throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Among other honors, Mr. Donatoni has been recognized in Best Lawyers In America, for criminal defense of both White Collar and Non-White Collar. A review of his Biography and these materials will give you more detail and background regarding his accomplishments.

Mr. Donatoni is highly recognized and respected by other attorneys and Judges as a pre-eminent, aggressive and ethical practitioner who is adept and experienced at handling difficult cases. Additionally, Mr. Donatoni recognizes the importance of the human factor in representing people who are investigated and/or accused of criminal offenses.

Even If Your Matter Doesn’t Go To Trial, You Still Need A Trial Lawyer

When choosing your criminal attorney, it is vital to work with an attorney, like Mr. Donatoni, who has significant trial experience and is willing to go to trial. Prosecutors know which lawyers will go to trial and they know which lawyers have strong trial skills. This can often be used to the advantage of a defendant during plea negotiations. While no attorney can ever guarantee an outcome, Mr. Donatoni is well known for his solid track record of results both in and out of the courtroom.

Trusted and Experienced Criminal Defense Representation

Donatoni & Crichton has earned a reputation among its clients, the courts and other lawyers for providing the highest quality legal representation with the highest standards of integrity. Both attorneys are former public defenders, and Mr. Donatoni is a former assistant district attorney. Now, as private criminal defenders, they use this knowledge to help secure positive results for their clients. As a testament to its high caliber representation, the firm frequently receives referrals from past clients, other attorneys and others in the legal community.

Protect Your Legal Rights And Your Future

Only an experienced lawyer can help you understand what your charge means and what consequences you could be facing for both the short and long term. If you or a family member has been charged or believe you could be under investigation for an illegal activity, contact the firm’s West Chester criminal defense attorney as soon as possible at 610-719-0500 or send us an email at donatoni111@aol.com.

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